• Hannah Davies


Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I recently spent a Sunday afternoon at Shoal Point, one of Mackay's many beaches, shooting with Mackay based model Anamique, to build her portfolio.

We tend to take our backyards for granted and too many photographers in Mackay forget to explore every last little nook. Anamique had never been to Shoal Point before so it was a real treat to show off somewhere in the Mackay region that she was visiting for the first time.

We shot just before sunset - my ideal time for a shoot being just after sunrise or just before sunset - because of how soft the light is.

I think that Anamique's gentleness shines through most in the photos. At one point we stopped taking photos so she could go and pat some poodles - if they'd been labradors then I would've been the one who ran away to pat them so I was 100% on board with a dog patting break.

Thank you Anamique for a fun little afternoon!

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Mackay, Queensland, Australia